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Last night I did bikram yoga, and besides having a shitty instructor, the practice itself kicks my face's ass. 26 asanas (poses) in a studio that's heated to 105 degrees with 40% humanity humidity. I invited my hiking group to join me, so we got half-off as a group discount - about 30 people came. They agreed it's a great detox and stimulator, but the instructor didn't welcome anybody, and acted like we could've played a cassette to get the drill-sergeant-y speeches. :-P Namaste, beyotch!

I've been neglecting my blog, eh? Sorry. My social life has completely taken over (I has BFFs now! ^_^), and I volunteer as a hiking leader, so I try to go a few times a week. Business sucks, but that's a combo of the economy and me not locking myself in the office like I used to. ::grumble::

My Seattle BFFs are coming to visit me next week, and my parents the week after that -- my 30th birthday is March 21, yay! I don't have a proper party planned, but we're having a Scavenger Hunt and the best tacos in Las Vegas, which will do, but I fret it won't be The Best Party They've Ever Been To, which unfortunately is the standard I'm always subconsciously aiming for.

Last week I had a swap party with my frugal group and although people left with bags and bags of stuff, there's still a small mountain of clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry covering every surface of my bedroom and dining room. I'll either box it up for the next one come summer, or I'll drop it off to a charity for the tax write-off. Two thumbs way up for the format though -- you all should have one with your friends and their friends, it's like a free shopping spree!
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The Gods Must Be Crazy

Hahahahahaha... Jeff and I were grocery shopping last night, and I saw an endcap with a bunch of Obama stuff. The next isle over had DVDs, and I pointed to one and said, "They should've put that in the Obama section."

Hilarity ensued. <3

The Gods Must Be Crazy

I wonder if anyone else will notice and/or find it funny before they fix it. ^_^

I'm inspired to start putting items where they don't belong for lolz. Pepto-Bismol with Hot Pockets, for example. What else?
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Peanut butter jelly time!

When I buy ice cream, I buy orange chocolate or cookie dough -- flavors both my roommate and I enjoy. When my roommate buys ice cream, it's peanut butter cup. I HATE PEANUT BUTTER ANYTHING!1

Vengeance is mine!

There's a voluntary recall on peanut butter anything, therefor, I have vowed to eat everything2 my roommate buys for the next 10 days. Leave no bite behind!

1: Technically, I do enjoy a PBJ sandwich on occasion, but I plea eating disorder and everyone knows the bolder the blog the better. More half-true blanket statements in 2009!

2: In full disclosure, he later bought an industrial size cafetorium box of Little Debbie peanut butter crackers. I'm not admitting that I ate ALL of them OMG, but if they were gone the next day, I'm just saying that in some way it might or might not have been his fault. Luckily, we share a passive-aggressive and/or no-blame household. All grievances must be aired via Livejournal or dry-erase marker on the bathroom mirror. It all works out in the end, I say. And when it doesn't, the FDA's got my back, baby! *chestfist*
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Food OCD

I have a weird thing about repetitive food. When I make a meal I like, I tend to eat it a lot in a row. For example, I bought a sack of frozen fish to have on hand and bake a fillet once a month, or less, it's so rare I even like fish. Practically never, right?

Except I made it every night this week.

And it was tonight I noticed my habit for doing that ... making something over and over, until I'm sick of it. I don't like pickles; I buy a jar of pickles for one weird day I think I might like one ... and the whole jar's gone. Won't touch them again for a year. One rice crispie treat? Try the whole pan. Swear I will barf if I ever see one again (yeah right, give it two weeks ;-) Two bowls of cereal a day for two weeks, then not one bowl for six months.

I ate five oranges today. I could literally eat two more, right now, just thinking about them. I don't even like oranges! (Ok, I like oranges ... but seriously, how many oranges can you eat in a day? I buy a sack, I should eat one a day for one week, not seven one day a week.)

I don't think it's a binge thing or an OCD thing, but I wonder if y'all get that way - eating the same thing over and over in phases, or do you keep it all spread out and mixed up nice?
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Discworld art & other fandom links

yuletart is complete, so I can link you to the art I made: Happy Hogswatch, from the Discworld book series. It's a photoshop piece featuring Death as the Hogfather, and my favorite bit to do, the Death of Rats. ^_^

In other fandom news, I just finished reading The Watchmen and it is AMAZING. I am now a fangirl and cannot wait for the movie, except it's tied up in rights problems and probably won't get released for a while. Thanks cathybites for the explo.

In other fandom news, there is a Supernatural version of Jizz in my Pants from SNL's/Lonely Island's music video that is HYSTERICAL. Thanks diner for pointing me to today's hearty chuckles.

PS: Link to the original with Andy Samberg and some dude I don't know Akiva Schaeffer. I love disapproving!Justin Timberlake in Aisle 3!
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Vegas Snow Storm 2008

Before I went to my parents house for the holidays, we had a real, live snow storm in Las Vegas, y'all. I kid you not. They say it hadn't snowed like that since 1979. Even my parents called to say they heard about it on the news in Michigan!

The top of Mount Charleston always gets enough snow to ski, and we might see a flake in the air on the outskirts of town, but full-on snow down here in the valley? It was bizarre. I laughed at my Mexican friends who've never even seen snow before. I moved here for many reasons and one of them was to get rid of that scene; no more six months of gray, no more blizzards from Halloween to Easter. But it was fun to play in, and it was gone within a couple days.

Unfortunately, it also broke half my trees, the wusses. I gathered up some photos from me and my friends, covering the two days before it was all gone (and my poor backyard full of debris.)

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Conversations in an Urban Outfitters

Three hipster kids were in the Urban Outfitters today, buying Converse shoes while I browsed the 75% off clearance section. They were arguing whether to get the black or gold tops.

As I am want to do, I randomly shouted, "Black!"

They laughed and yelled, "Yeah!"

Two went to cash out, while the third looked up from her texting. I shrugged as she leaned in to me and said, "You must like Obama."

Am I weird, or is that a bizarre thing to say, or what? :-)

Vegas Santa Run 2008

This weekend was the Las Vegas Great Santa Run, a 5K for charity. Last year they had over 7000 santas, this year I was #8009 with several thousand behind me, but I haven't seen the final number yet. They try to beat the world record every year, and I'm sure they did again - I saw some 9600's on bibs.

My time was 57:04, partly because it was a slow start shuffling until it spread out into paces... but mostly because I'm a fat bastard. ;-) I went with my Meetup volunteer group, Acts of Kindness "AOK". Lovely people, beautiful weather, good times.

Las Vegas Great Santa Run 2008
Where's Waldo? -- That's me front and center. :-B

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Thanksgiving Party Games

Since I don't have any family nearby, I put the invitation out that I'm having Chinese food and going to the movies for Thanksgiving. Fifteen people RSVPed! Oh Vegas, you mecca for orphans, singles, lovers, and friends. I'm so pleased we'll all be together. ^_^

I try to have a game or contest for my dinner parties, but being in a restaurant and movie theater - something written or spoken would fit best. So I made a Thanksgiving version of Scattegories (PDF).

After we've ordered food, I'll pass out these half-sheets and give them a few minutes to write a word that begins with each letter. Then we take turns announcing our words, scoring 1 point for each original answer. Score 2 points for alliteration, like "Bugs Bunny" for a cartoon character. If a word is challenged, like "knuckle" for type of sandwich, the group votes. Highest score wins a prize.

I might also pass out an Autumn Crossword Puzzle (PDF) or Word Search (PDF).

I also made a list of Thank-You's and will have people guess the languages. (Thank You PDF)

How cute am I? ;D
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